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ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ


"All praise is due to God.”


“Alhamdulillah” appears in the Noble Qur’an a grand total of 38 times, and there are five surahs that begin with this praise and invocation (al-Fatiha, al-Anaam, al-Kahf, Saba, and Fatir). When a surah begins with this phrase or whenever a prophet in the Qur’an makes dua with this supplication, it implies a few things: firstly, that every announcement we make ought to begin with the intention of praise; second, that our words ought to be accompanied with a perfect, most beautiful, and most sincere sort of praise; and thirdly, that we are the recipients of a sacred practice and tradition that has spanned the course of several centuries. When we say “Alhamdulillah,” we are reciting what was on the lips of the Honorable Prophet Mohammad and those messengers who preceded him.


This item is available in a number of different finishes. Finish can be customised to your preference on request. The item is very lightweight and can be transported with ease.


All items are handcrafted, therefore no item is identical. Please allow for slight imperfections due to the items being handmade.


All pieces are made to order as they are handmade according to the finish of your choice. We do not accept returns.


Production and Handling Time:  weeks 4-6

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